Our Farm

Surrounded by residential houses on one side and light industrial buildings on the other, Zaklan Heritage Farm is a true suburban farm. This piece of land is one of the last vestiges of agricultural land in the area. Doug established Zaklan Heritage Farm in 2013, but the land’s roots go back to 1928 when Doug’s great grandparents first moved here and began to carve out a homestead.

The farm itself is a micro-farm with just over 1.5 acres in production. Small is mighty on this farm; we grow over 40 different kinds of vegetables and well over 300 different varieties using intensive growing practices and lots of organic nutrients.


Growing up, Doug spent many a weekend and Sunday on this property, but he wasn’t brought up in a farming family or with that as a potential career option. After high school Doug discovered his passion for farming and growing food when he attended a 9 month long practicum program at UBC Farm. He enjoys working for himself and making a positive change in the world. Farming has provided an outlet for Doug’s incredible problem solving and building talents. He has a passion for creating new and improved systems on the farm, driving the tractor, finding efficient ways to do farm tasks and growing delicious veggies for his community. Doug is one hard working man — his passion and dedication can be seen throughout Zaklan Heritage Farm in innumerable ways.


Gemma is a first generation farmer, although she did grow up around chickens, turkeys and a few pigs running around their family homestead in the mountains of the Kootenays. Although she never thought she’d become a farmer, she has found that this career fits her perfectly. In 2008 she started farming at the UBC Farm and has had her hands in the dirt ever since. She is the mastermind behind many intricate crop planning spreadsheets, financial wizardry, and general business organization. She spends a lot of time seeding and tending to seedling during the season. Gemma takes pride in growing top quality, impeccable produce. She is one hard working woman — found on harvest days with a knife in one hand and a cellphone in the other as she keeps chefs up-to-date with the weekly harvest progress. She loves food, community, and her two cats…oh and Doug.