We are closed for the 2022 season

We are taking a sabbatical year to rest, rejuvenate and explore our next steps. After 10 years of farming in Surrey we have decided to take a break. We will not be returning to farm in Surrey, but hope to find ourselves a forever farm somewhere in BC soon.

Ecological Growing Practices

We grow delicious, sustainably produced vegetables and eggs on our small 1.5 acre farm. We utilize growing practices that improve soil biology and encourage a diverse and complex farm ecosystem. We don’t use any synthetic chemicals or pesticides. We’re doing our part to minimize our carbon footprint by providing food to our local community.

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A Little Bit of History

In 1924 Doug’s great grandparents moved to this piece of land and built a homestead with cows, pigs, chickens, veggie gardens and hay fields. They also created a country escape for all their city friends to enjoy on the weekends. Over the following decades the Zaklan family utilized the land for various agricultural endeavors. In its current form, Zaklan Heritage Farm was officially established in 2013.  Today, some 90 years later, their legacy lives on. Although different in many ways the farm still brings city folk out to enjoy a bit of our farm oasis.

Collaborating with Local Chefs

We enjoy working with chefs and we are stoked that our business has grown to allow us to focus on building relationships with some of the best restaurants in Vancouver. We offer regular deliveries to kitchens throughout the city and provide chefs with incredibly fresh produce from our fields. Come work with us, we’d love to grow food for your kitchen.