Our Farm

Our Farm

Started in the 1920’s by Dragan and Marta Zaklan, the Zaklan Family has been farming this land for over 80 years. In 2011 the now urban farm underwent a revitalization led by Doug, the next generation of Zaklans. With Doug’s vision, and ample support from the family, the farm has been transformed into a diverse mixed vegetable and livestock operation.


Our 8 acres grows a diversity of vegetable and fruit crops, as well as provides space to pasture livestock, including our 95 laying hens. The birds are rotated around the farm throughout the season, providing them access to fresh green grass and grubs all year long. Growing food using an intensive production system, with small machinery and hand tools, we are able to minimize our fossil fuel consumption and better manage our soils in an ecologically sound way.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our Story

Motivated by a passion for the environment and creating positive change, we found ourselves farming at the UBC Farm in Vancouver in 2011. Gemma, a graduate of the Global Resource Systems program at UBC, was in her 4th season at the UBC Farm when she met Doug, a student in the Practicum program. At that time Doug was already beginning to sow the first seeds of Zaklan Heritage Farm, and Gemma was getting ready to take off for a year managing a farm in Peru.

2012 was spent apart, each learning and exploring new farming practices to complement those we’d learned at UBC Farm. When we re-united in 2013 we began to expand and grow the idea of what Zaklan Heritage Farm could be. Now in the fifth year together at the farm we are growing veggies intensively on about 1.5 acres, we have pastured poultry and perennial herbs and fruits growing around our vegetable fields. The farm has grown each year and we continue to increase the number of neighbours, families and community members fed from our farm.

As the farm has grown the farm team has grown as well. We hire seasonal employees each summer and welcome volunteers to the farm over the course of the season. Like many small-farms, we are also helped out by family and friends and are grateful for this support. Growing our community on the farm and continuing to connect with our surrounding community is vital to our farm.

Farming Methods & Philosophy

Utilizing an intensive cropping style, the vegetables and fruits produced on the farm are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals. Fueled by organic compost and sustainable soil management practices, the produce emerges vibrant and fresh from the fields. We believe in and practice the philosophy of organic production using practices such as crop rotation, cover cropping, rotational grazing, and organic pest control. We are passionate about ecological agricultural methods and are always trying to improve our methods and explore ways to increase sustainability on our farm.

Our Food

Throughout the season we grow over 40 different types of vegetables, and even more varieties, providing a diversity of tastes, textures and colours to awaken the taste buds to what real food tastes like. Eggs from our pastured laying hens are delicious and creamy. The chickens’ diet – free of corn, soy and GMO products – make their eggs great for those with allergies. We tend to our animals and vegetables with respect and care, producing a product we are proud to share, and love to eat ourselves!